The 5 Keys to Women’s Thought Leadership: Community

With the right community and a commitment to expressing her truth, any woman can soar to her fullest potential in life.

It takes consciously creating the kind of community that will both serve you & support you, and also one in which you feel inspired to serve & support other women. This “society” of women here in the Women’s Thought Leadership Society is designed to help each woman and her message FLY. To make that possible, there are 3 necessary ingredients, or “practices & values” held by this community.

Fertile Listening

Fertile Listening is listening for someone in such a way that they cannot help but blossom in your presence.

It is choosing to be dedicated to listening for a woman’s brilliance, for what is already right, good, and perfect.

Magic happens with this quality of listening: women’s best stuff emerges.

Fertile Listening is like Miracle Grow…it’s the ultimate superfood for women’s brilliance to emerge in this world.

How do we practice Fertile Listening in The Women’s Thought Leadership Society?

During these 2 weeks, each woman will be making videos of herself and posting to the private Facebook group, or sharing through writings.

Listen to her with trust, not doubt.

Listen to her with respect.

Listen for what is already working, what is already right, what is already perfect about what she says, how she says it, or the energy from which it comes.

Do this, and you will provide that silent necessary power – your listening – which is so essential to her greatest wisdom & intelligence emerging.

Celebration & Refinement

We don’t use words like “critique,” “criticism,” or “feedback” in this Society.

Instead, we Celebrate & Refine.

Why “celebration & refinement,” and why is this so effective for women?

Celebration is what naturally emerges when we offer Fertile Listening to someone who is speaking.

We become aware of what is already awesome.

Celebrate Again!

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